Home Going: Intention

By Carolyn Weber —  June 30, 2015

My new collection of poetry is out, and I am grateful to those of you who have already supported it in myriad ways. These poems were inspired by my return “home” to London, Ontario, Canada a few years ago, but also by the exploration of what it means to be “home” in our faith, regardless of where we might be in the world. Many poems hail from the distinct seasons we experience here in Southern Ontario, but some also from life experiences, trials and joys, that necessarily accompany such a return or reunion.

Home Going

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Putting Faith in a Canadian Context

By Carolyn Weber —  June 15, 2015

According to a recent poll on faith from the Angus Reid Institute that garnered much attention when published in the National Post on Easter weekend, over 3000 Canadians were asked “Where would you place yourself on the religious or spiritual spectrum?”

Faith in Canada

Along with guests Drs. Angus Reid and Reginald Bibby, who conducted the study in partnership, I had the pleasure of being included in a conversation about Canadians and faith on the respectful and intelligent faith program Context With Lorna Dueck. You may find the discussion to be of interest, too. The program “What Do Canadians Believe?” can be found at the show’s website here:






Photo Credit: Sharon Burka

Mother’s Day Poem

By Carolyn Weber —  May 7, 2015

American poet William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) combined a busy medical practice with a literary career. As part of the modernist and imagist movement, he is known for his use of everyday physical imagery. I wonder if because he worked so closely with the material, such as the functions of the body, he saw more acutely the poetic humming within the mundane?

Red Wheelbarrow

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What Lent Gives Up for Us

By Carolyn Weber —  March 27, 2015

Seven poplars in a perfect row line the entrance to the walk along the margin of the neglected bean field behind the campus not far from my house. This is where the deer come in small groups at dusk. Someone must have planted these trees with such earnest precision at least a century ago.

Sparrow sings

In the summer their leaves sound like the uprush of water, blowing overhead. They turn silver and green when heralding a storm. In the autumn, they rattle so that it seems as though the sky may crackle and break, and then rain down upon you. But today only the trees gleam silent; there are no leaves on this chilly evening, not even a bud yet to be seen. Continue Reading…

A Valentine for My Love

By Carolyn Weber —  February 13, 2015

T’is the season of love, I am reminded as my children’s valentines to their classmates scatter our kitchen table. What a perfectly timed reprieve from winter’s chill Valentine’s Day is, too.

Rings Eternity

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